While we often don't think about it, moving from home to home seamlessly is part of the mastery of homeownership. Take some of the stress away from this often chaotic process by adding some much needed order and security. Moving with the Art of Homeownership’s relocation technology is as easy as it gets!

Whether you're planning on hiring a full service moving company or renting a truck and making small trips back and forth with your pals, we make it easy to compare your options and book everything you need. Start saving both time and money by comparing services in one convenient place. Plan ahead, compare rates in advance and once your move is scheduled, we’ll be ready to help make sure you and your belongings all make it home safely. Our relocation technology makes it simple to:

  • Request moving cost estimates and reserve moving labor or services online.
  • Rent a truck.
  • Ship your car.
  • Throw out junk that won’t be traveling to your new home.
  • Transfer your digital entertainment services to your new address.
  • Forward your mail.

Moving used to be a daunting task that required an army of friends and knowing someone with a truck. Lucky for our homeowners and renters, Art of Homeownership’s toolkit comes equipped! Take your move and break it down into bite-sized, manageable tasks that you can handle quickly, easily, and all in one convenient place.


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